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Putin brings down the hammer on Ukraine

The last few days has seen Russia move from the somewhat benevolent interlopers, seeking to protect ethnic Russian Ukrainians from a lawless government, to the enforcer of tyrants, the arm of the strong against the weak, the hammer of the government against the anvil of the people.

Wet noodle diplomacy – the community organizer warns the ex-KGB man

MILLINOCKET, Maine, March 2, 2014 — Last Friday, President Obama warned Vladimir Putin not to interfere militarily in the Ukraine. Considering he had already stationed troops in Crimea, Putin probably responded “Yeah, right.” It’s embarrassing to realize the degree to which our influence has diminished in the world. Brings to mind an old skit where ...

Yanukovych Stirring Up Crimea?

It is all speculation of course, it can’t be Russia or former Ukrainian government forces right? Ukraine has strict gun control policies and one must have cause in order to obtain a license, so if it is not Russian authorities and it is not former Ukrainian government troops with automatic weapons, fatigues, and communication equipment who is it?

The plot sickens in the Ukraine, stock futures turn negative

WASHINGTON, February 27, 2014 – Markets have been confused this week. It appears that cautious retail traders are re-entering markets in the a.m. hours while cynical pros are dumping stocks later in the day. But things may take a decisive turn for the worse this morning as the situation in the Ukraine deteriorates. Reports continue ...

Stocks confused: Mt. Gox goes dark; Ukraine, Turkish lira deteriorate

WASHINGTON, February 26, 2014 – Not much to report this afternoon as numerous disturbing stories have been launched, but none happen to be nearing a conclusion. As a result, by mid-afternoon, Wall Street can’t make up its mind whether to go up or down or decisively overcome its current, Hamlet-like deliberation over whether to head ...

Russia eyes Crimea, Ukraine’s fate uncertain

The down and dirty of it is that the United States has lost an incredible amount of credibility from the Syrian debacle, and the Ukrainian situation does not seem to be our deliverance either.

Is civil war coming to Ukraine?

Fighting along clearly divided geographical lines with equal or somewhat equal international support could lead to a stalemate in any combat that would arise.

As Ukraine looks to its future, Tymoshenko is the past

WASHINGTON, February 25, 2014 – Oleksandr Turchynov, deputy leader of Batkivshchyna (All-Ukrainian Union Fatherland), the largest opposition party in Ukraine’s parliament, has been named as interim president of Ukraine. He replaces ousted President Viktor Yanukovich, who fled Kyiv on Friday. Ukraine’s parliament removed Yanukovich from office on Saturday, and a warrant has since been issued ...

Ukraine smolders as Yanukovych fights for power, protester buried

Photo: Political rally in Lviv, Ukraine / James Picht By James Picht WASHINGTON, January 26, 2014 – Mikhail Zhiznevsky, one of three protesters killed near Ukraine’s parliament building in Kyiv on Wednesday, was laid to rest today. His coffin was carried from St. Michael’s cathedral through the streets of Kyiv, while thousands of protesters sang ...