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Ukraine, Resiliance

Ukraine and its lesson in resilience for the World

SAN DIEGO,:  The country of Ukraine, as of this writing and publication, is embroiled in an onslaught of hate and madness brought about by the Russian government that cannot abide with peace nor acceptance of the desire for freedom. Outnumbered in troops, armament, and many forms of defense, the Ukrainian people are fighting for their ...

Russia, Ukraine, War

Will there be a war over Ukraine? Not likely. Here is why.

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine is playing itself out with Putin calling all the shots, and the west dancing to his tune. This situation has developed because Putin wants to control Ukraine, and push NATO to the breaking point. So far Putin is getting everything that he wants, while Biden is showing that he doesn’t ...

Ukraine, Russia, War

Hyping-War with Russia, the biggest loser is Ukraine

In 1918, U.S. Senator Hiram Johnson reportedly declared: “The first casualty when war comes is truth.” Psychological operations (Psyops) are used by all countries engaging in conflict in the 21st century to inflict this particular “casualty.” Deliberate disinformation is spread to provoke fear and disruption of the opposing forces. Rumors collected by intelligence units are ...

Ukraine, Russia, War, Biden, Putin

Is war with Russia the only way to save the Biden presidency

War. Yep, that is the only fix for the failing presidency of sleepy Joe. In the sense of never letting a crisis go to waste, starting a war with Russia may be the only salvation for Ole’ Joe. But does he know that? The reasons for politicians to go to war are many. First, war ...

NATO, America, Russia, Ukraine, Threat, Winter WarRussia, Winter War, New-Conservatives

NATO and America are poking the Russian Bear with hints of Winter War

WASHINGTON: The anti-Russia rhetoric is ramping up again. The “why” is significant. Implied threats of a “winter war” are surfacing from NATO countries as well as the American intelligence community. Recent visits by American officials to Ukraine were ignored by most western media. However, Russia and its allies have been watching closely. They are preparing ...