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Losing the Republic to Communism means a new destiny for America.

MILLINOCKET, Maine, March 17, 2022 – Sorry, Trump supporters, but if you think Donald Trump will “save the republic” in 2024, it will not happen. The Republic has eroded, and its remnants are being washed downstream in the murky waters of our new destiny. Donald Trump missed his chance to save the nation when he ...

John Durham’s Bombshell: Big Tech, Hillary and Russia collusion

WASHINGTON. Special Counsel John Durham, charged with investigating the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion criminal conspiracy, is a showman. Until recently, he’s been virtually invisible. Durham’s absence even inspired President Donald Trump to ask last May, “Where’s Durham – whatever happened to the Durham Report?” Then last September – voilà! – Durham’s empaneled grand jury ...

Trump, Conroy, TX, Rally, Covid, Independence Day

Donald Trump: February 1 is independence day from the COVID madness

WASHINGTON. Everything, they say, is big in Texas. And Conroe, Texas, saw one of the largest crowds gather for a “Save America” rally for President Donald Trump. But that’s understandable for Montgomery County, where 71.2 percent of its population voted for Trump in 2020. The crowd filled the air with the usual chants of “USA, ...

Insurrection, Biden, Jan 6

Why was President Trump denied requests for military prior to Jan 6?

January 6, 2022 – Former President Donald Trump issued a scathing rebuke to media yesterday regarding the failure to report the facts Capitol Police denied military help prior to Jan 6. He nixed a press conference planned for the 1-year anniversary of the Capitol protest in order to target Democrats over a “sham investigation” of ...

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Is Vice President Kamala Harris flirting with Trump populism?

WASHINGTON. It seems Vice President Kamala Harris smells blood in the swamp water. Following her boss’s humiliating failure to get one Democratic senator to vote for his Build Back Biden boondoggle, is she stepping toward Trump populism? When a reporter asked what they thought was a prearranged question to a prearranged answer, Harris flipped the ...

Hillary Clinton, Master Class, Trump, Vampiric, Deep State

Will Trump kill Hillary Clinton’s vampiric deep-state democracy?

Like Count Dracula, Hillary Clinton rose from her casket and injected herself into the 2024 presidential contest. She fears Republican voters will once again reject the usual panoply of GOP empty suits and select Donald J. Trump as the party’s presidential standard bearer in 2024. And as the issues of inflation and illegal immigration cause ...

illegal immigrants, southern border, biden border lottery, separated families

Biden Border Lottery: Illegals becoming millionaires courtesy of America

WASHINGTON:  Like everything else the Biden Administration does, the answer to every crisis is “just throw money at it.”  Now we have the Biden Border Lottery. The Wall Street Journal is reporting the White House is talking about allocating $450,000 as reparations for illegals, which means nearly half a million, to every illegal immigrant separated ...

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Unknown Ballots in GA, PA erase Biden victory as PA investigation heats up

HARRISBURG, PA: In yet another disgusting display of partisan politics, Pennsylvania Democrats voted the straight party-line relative to the November 2020 presidential election. This week Republican lawmakers voted to subpoena the state’s top election official in a review similar to other battleground states with proven voter irregularities in the 2020 election. With a 7-to-4 party-line ...

Milley, Peril, Treason, Trump

“Peril” has Americans asking is Gen. Mark Milley the enemy within?

WASHINGTON: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army General Mark Milley may have crossed the line over his hatred of President Donald Trump.   The word ‘may’ is used here as these are allegations from the newly released book ‘Peril.’ (Woodward and Costa, Simon and Shuster). The book is scheduled for public release on September ...

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Trump and the Covid-19 origins

Trump was right about the Russia-collusion hoax. It seems his claim that China created a weaponized Coivd -19 virus is panning out as well.