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Black, White, Attacks, Hate Crimes, Illinois, Toddler

Anti-White Terrorism: Black teens attack pregnant woman, kick toddler

WASHINGTON: Today I watched a video described as “The most disturbing video you will see- not for children,” on Whatfinger, a headline aggregation site. While The Blaze attack is headlined as  “Teens beat up mom, kick toddler.” Left unsaid, until one views the video is that this is a racist hate crime as six black ...

When to stop naps: Is there a magic age?

SILVER SPRING, Md, February 6, 2014 – To nap or not to nap, that is the question. And it is one that every parent must face eventually. If your toddler has any say in the matter, it will be no nap. Many parents arrive at the question about when to stop naps for little ones ...

Carnivores by Aaron Reynolds

The lion, the shark and the wolf have a problem: none of the other animals like them. But what could be the solution for carnivores?

The Brush of the Gods

This book tells the legend of Wu Daozi, whom is believed to have cheated death by walking into his own painting.

Cute & Cuter

Sir Yips-a-lot is no longer the cutest thing ever when Lady Meow-meow arrives, but how can he win back the affection of his owner?