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Simple, practical tips when we are ready for post-coronavirus travel

CHARLOTTE, NC: With the travel industry reeling from coronavirus quarantines, cancellations and rescheduling, perhaps now is a good time to offer a new collection of travel tips that, hopefully, can be useful when our topsy-turvey world returns to normal. Not all of these will work for everyone in every case, but many of these neat ...

Living with ALS: Caregiver awareness and the importance of compromising

CHARLOTTE, NC:  When you have ALS, there is a need for fore-thought. To think ahead of any potential situation.  On both the part of the patient and the ALS caregiver. There’s a wonderful scene in the classic comedy spoof Airplane (1980) when a flight attendant borrows a guitar from a nun. With all good intentions, ...

How to help your child overcome fear of terrorism

Our world is changing and our children, just as our Cold War generation children, are living with new fears for their safety from forces no one can control. So we need to teach them how to live.