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The Wall

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The Wall a CDN Exclusive: A visit to U.S. Border Patrol, San Diego (photos-video)

SAN DIEGO: Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants come to break through the U.S. and Mexico border. They must pass through the U.S. Border Patrol, who use their wits, strategies, and the wall to enforce the law and keep America safe. Some take a journey of peril through mountains, mesas, and barren terrain with no water ...

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Government shutdown drawing closer as border wall talks falter

WASHINGTON. The federal government is closing in on its third shutdown in two years. Budget talks between the White House and leaders in Congress fail to reach an agreement over funding for the border wall. The midnight deadline is getting closer, and House Republicans have said that no further voters are expected tonight. Congress’ announcement means ...

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We The People Will Build The Wall: American’s raising millions for Trump

WASHINGTON: In two days, just under 10,000 Americans raised $588,130 dollars to help pay for the wall. Donation range from $5 to hundreds. In the last minute, donations of $5, $10 (x3), $20 and $25 have added $80 to the fund. In under four days the We The People Will Fund The Wall has raised over ...

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The looming government shutdown: a referendum on the border wall

WASHINGTON. As you probably know by now, congressional Republicans and Democrats have steadfastly denied giving President Donald Trump funds to build a border wall. The purpose of that wall is to stem illegal migration into the US. And it is the single issue over which the president has said he will gladly furlough thousands of ...