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FBI, Synagogue, Colleyville, Texas, Terrorism

While the FBI is protecting the Democrat party, terrorism rises again

Terrorism, brought to us by Muslim terrorists, had entirely stopped with the exit of Barack Obama from the White House. After President Trump took office, he stopped threats from foreign terrorists. And now, under Sleepy Joe, the ugly face of Islamic terrorism again awakens in a sleepy Texas town’s Jewish Synagogue. It all began when ...

Mounted Border Patrol, Border Patrol, Texas, Horses, Reins, Bush, Abbott

Texas Gov. Abbott , George P. Bush defend the Mounted Border Patrol

SAN DIEGO: The minute Biden and Liberal elites occupied the Whitehouse, they set out to destroy all things, Trump. This last attack is against the Mounted Border Patrol. However, despite the Bush family not wanting to speak badly about the sitting president, George P. Bush, an attorney serving as the Texas General Land Office commissioner ...

Dixie, Texas, Conservative, Domenech

Ben Domenech: Flashing Federalism Deep in Dixie, Fools only Fools

TEXAS: The conservative wannabees or ersatz conservatives or whatever, love to denigrate the South.  Many Southerners allow them such slights. I don’t. It has always been an amazing feature of the “naming class” taxonomists to cover a true thought with a misnomer of fact. There are many examples, but one struck me recently as I ...

Alamo, Texas, George P. Bush, GOP, Republicans, Bush

Rising GOP star George P. Bush would do well to Remember the Alamo

WASHINGTON: March 6 will mark the 184th anniversary of the fall of The Alamo. La Compania de Alamo. Always the Yankee transplants, the now in Texas Bush family continues its history of tempering Texas to its Bush New England roots. George P. Bush wants the Alamo to reflect world values. Something the United Nations can ...