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Zemari Adhdmadi, Afghanistan, Kabul,. US, Milley

Milley dishonors military, kills Ahmadi family in Kabul, empowers new terror

SAN DIEGO: Is there anything Gen. Milley won’t defend about the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan? The Pentagon Joint Chief abandons a veritable war chest to America’s enemy, empowering a Taliban conglomerate of terrorists. As Americans hide in fear, the State Department gives their names and locations in Kabul to the Taliban to be more easily ...

American Vets, Afghanistan,

American Vets in Afghanistan did not fight in vain; they crushed Taliban evil

SAN DIEGO: Now flying their flag over Kabul, the Taliban are on the hunt for anyone who opposed them over the last 20 years. The people our Afghanistan vets protected. The Taliban lie publicly saying it will be a “peaceful” transfer of power. When already, according to refugees, they’ve left a trail of executions and ...

Who are the real Nazis, anyway?

If Ben Shapiro is called a Nazi by Antifa, the term lacks meaning. Because whether Antifa or Brownshirts, except for the color, they are indistinguishable.

Terrorism: Mainstream media rediscovers ‘editorial judgment’

WASHINGTON, December 5, 2015 — “There hasn’t been any smoking gun evidence that they were part of a particular cell or any group,” attorney David Chesley told reporters at a hastily called press conference. It is Chesley’s contention that authorities who shot Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Marlik to death last Wednesday in San ...

‘The Siege’: A prophetic movie primer for the coming of ISIS

WASHINGTON, Nov. 23, 2015 — As I watched the World Trade Center towers collapse on 9/11, a chill went up my spine. I immediately thought of the 1998 film “The Siege,” starring Denzel Washington, Annette Bening and Bruce Willis. The story begins with a terrorist attack on a U.S. military installation in the Middle East, and ...