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Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, Robert O'Rourke, Beto, Texas, Senate race

Ted Cruz claims victory by defeating Democrat rising star Beto O’Rourke

DALLAS, November 6, 2018 —  Senator Ted Cruz managed to secure a second term on Tuesday by defeating Democrat challenger Rep. Beto O’Rourke. One of the Democrats’ strongest attempts to win a statewide office in Texas. Cruz secured 51 percent of the vote when multiple networks called the race. O’Rourke was a long shot but managed ...

Messrs. Cruz, Obama, Kasich: Mind your manners

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., July 21, 2016 — An interviewer asked someone why so many on Capitol Hill often take an instant dislike to Ted Cruz. The reply was both humorous and instructive: “It saves time.” This flag-waving conservative with a Harvard education could do so much for his party and for the country, if only he would. ...

Ted Cruz and the Trump non-endorsement

Ted Cruz delivered a mostly well-received speech to the GOP Convention last night. The end went badly, but aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, the play was splendid.

The GOP’s changing of the guard

Too liberal for its conservatives and too insider for the iconoclasts, the GOP old guard will be absent or diminished at the RNC. What will the new GOP look like?

Cruz, Kasich suspend campaigns, Wall Street suspends bulls

WASHINGTON, May 4, 2016 – Another relatively short column today as our alter-ego heads out for the Washington National Opera’s third installment of its “American Ring” cycle, Richard Wagner’s “Siegfried,” which starts out inside a decrepit trailer home and ends up with our hero confronting a smoke-belching steam-shovel, the 21st century equivalent of a fire-and-smoke ...

Are you a “Trumpet” or a “Cruzer”?

The "Exit Poll Ballot" issued by Jesse Kamzol, national data director for the Republican National Committee, will help some conflicted voters sort out their feelings.