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Amazon Prime Day fiasco, Netflix new subscriber tally fail.

Amazon Prime Day less than amazing; ditto Netflix new subscriber tally

Online shoppers hit Amazon’s Amazon Prime Day promotion hard. The stampede caused the company's retail website to experience serious connectivity issues Monday. Also on Monday, Netflix reported great profit numbers after the closing bell. But the Netflix new subscriber tally disappointed Wall Street. Badly.

Torpedoed by oil, Wednesday markets sink once again

WASHINGTON, Jan. 13, 2016 – It might as well be Friday the 13th, not Wednesday, given the latest of this month’s serial disasters for traders and investors alike. After a bright, happy opening surge by hopeful bulls, the early buying surge, building on Tuesday’s positive action, soon proved to be a wasted effort. The Dow, ...

Chinese stimulus, hope for more EU QE goose Friday stocks

WASHINGTON, Oct. 23, 2015 – As we’ve complained many times in this column before, as long as someone somewhere out there is doing the low interest rate centrally-planned stimulus dance, this is a pure traders’ market driven only by headlines and mass manipulations on those headlines as performed by high-frequency (HFT) trading firms. There’s no ...

Monday markets: Bulls back in charge, or does doom loom?

WASHINGTON, July 20, 2015 – After a sloppy, negative opening trade Monday morning, Wall Street’s major averages have turned positive as of the noon hour, with the DJI currently up 38.18, the S&P 500 up a moderate 3.9 and the tech-happy NASDAQ up a decent 13.42, still trending up after getting a big boost last ...