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Stormy Daniels

2018 Top Ten Bimbo Awards, Eric Golub

From Obama, Kerry and Harf to a Wolf, the top 10 Political bimbos of 2018

LOS ANGELES: Was Katy Perry the Barack Obama of pop culture, or was President Obama the Katy Perry of politics? Both frequently come across as shallow and vapid.  Worse, they took pride in being vapid and surrounding themselves with people who celebrated them for being vapid. They are bimbos. Political bimbos to be clear.  Somewhere along the ...

White House Press Corps, Jim Acosta, Paul H. Yarborough

Real results of the Midterms: Trump, Pelosi win – Obama, Hollywood lose

LOS ANGELES: As Democrats celebrate recapturing the House, expect many of the blind liberal media partisans to miss the real election 2018 aftermath story. For the third straight election, virtually everyone and everything President Barack Obama believes in was rejected. The real results of Midterm 2018 are that almost everything Hollywood liberals obsess over is now ...

Stormy Daniels burden of proof: How much is consensual sex worth?

So is the fact that Stormy Daniels is a porn star make it more or less wrong for her to knowingly have a brief sexual encounter with a married man.  It is not like she did not know who he was or that he was married. Or is the "wrong" in that she continues to try to financially benefit.  How much is consensual sex worth?

Andrew McCabe, FBI, James Comey, Andrew MCabe Fired

Luck of the Irish? Top 10 next moves for McFired Andrew McCabe

Former deputy FBI director, just fired Andrew McCabe has hired attorney Michael Bromwich to represent him. The Associated Press is reporting that the recently ousted former FBI Deputy Director, who took over as director of the bureau after James Comey firing, is saying he has personal memos on President Donald Trump.