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Steve Nemo

Presidential Portrait, George Washington, Free Speech, Censorship, NBA

Defense of free speech no longer a slam dunk in America

WASHINGTON. Increasingly, free speech in America is equal to violence. Andrew Marantz of the New York Times wrote: “Noxious speech is causing tangible harm. Yet this fact implies a question so uncomfortable that many of us go to great lengths to avoid asking it. Namely, what should we — the government, private companies or individual ...

Reflections on New Orleans

Writer Steve Nemo escaped Hurricane Irma by heading to New Orleans. He shares his visit to the Big Easy.

David Brock, Peter Schweizer, Disney, and the gay diversion

WASHINGTON, April 25, 2015 — David Brock, the perpetually angry devotee of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, described the news-making author of an upcoming Hillary exposé, Peter Schweizer, as a hateful, right-wing political hack. He noted that Schweizer’s Government Accountability Initiative (that exposes wasteful government spending) receives funding from the Donor Trust, “which is a ...

ISIS capades

The Islamic State is systematically targeting minorities in northern Iraq.

Stephen King: Willing victim of bloodsucking monster

Stephen King is more than willing to seek refuge from Maine’s harsh winters by fleeing to Florida, but refuses to escape the black-caped, bloodsucking, confiscatory monster known as the state tax collector.