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Stephen Nemo

Obama, Deep State, Democrat's, Biden, Russia Hoax, CIA

American democracy dies in the Democrat’s Deep State Darkness

WASHINGTON. Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s very public two-year investigation into Russia collusion failed to produce evidence that any American cooperated in so-called Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. For two years, Democrats like Rep. Adam Schiff steadfastly maintained they had irrefutable evidence that President Donald Trump was an agent of Russian President Vladimir ...

The great race to destruction: Bovine flatulence vs. the New York Times

WASHINGTON. Is it likely the world will end in 12 years aided by bovine flatulence induced global warming, as foretold by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? Or is it far more plausible the New York Times will cease to exist in half the time due to it’s plummeting readership, as President Donald Trump predicts? Let’s just say ...