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The Supreme Court Confirmation by Senator Sasse and Several Dwarfs

WASHINGTON: Why does Congress have hearings for people only to parade them through Senate Judiciary Committee-chaos? All for the examination as to their qualifications. The Supreme Court Justices certainly require more than an educated person. As we see with all our Supremes, there is a certain gravitas of intelligence. The Senators examining SCOTUS nominee Judge ...

Replacing Kennedy: The frightened church of Penumbras and Emanations

WASHINGTON: In the coming weeks, Americans will receive a valuable lesson on penumbras and emanations that really motivate the American left. And it concerns more than getting its hands on other people’s money. This will become crystal clear when President Donald J. Trump announces who he is replacing Kennedy on the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) with. As ...

Mark Janus v. AFSCME: SCOTUS ruling stuns public employee unions

Voting 5-4 in favor of Janus, SCOTUS states that public employee unions cannot force workers who freely choose not to join the union to pay union dues or fees. This is a victory for individual employees’ freedom. It could also prove to be a death blow to public employee unions.

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Colorado: Masterpiece Cake Shop wins, Civil Rights Commission loses

Gay rights and civil rights activists and Christian conservatives got nothing from this Supreme Court opinion of Masterpiece Cake Shop: It punted everything interesting to focus on a narrow procedural technicality. And nothing has changed. Except for Masterpiece Cake Shop. Until the next gay couple walks in.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch removes herself from SCOTUS consideration

WASHINGTON, March 8, 2016 – U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch asked to be removed from consideration to be the next Supreme Court Justice. DOJ spokeswoman Melanie Newman made the announcement in a statement early Tuesday. “The attorney general determined that the limitations inherent in the nomination process would curtail her effectiveness in her current role.” ...