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Will President Trump push the 14th Amendment debate to SCOTUS?

WASHINGTON: Approaching next Tuesday’s election the issue on voter’s mind, beyond the economy, is the caravan that started in Central America.  The caravan, now about 1,0000 miles from our border, includes from seven to ten thousand people.  Seventy percent of those in the caravan are young males. The debate is whether this assault by seven ...

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Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh 50, savage barbarians 48

NEW ORLEANS: Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now United States Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Fifty senators, including Democrat Joe Manchin, voted to uphold the rule of law. Forty-eight senators chose to let uncivilized savage barbarians carry the day. By this margin of two votes, the violent leftist mob was defeated by those supporting law and order.  ...

Trumpism and that flakiest of the flaky Senator Jeff Flake

WASHINGTON: The great benefit to Trumpism is how quickly it’s thinning the GOP herd of its timid establishmentarians. Sen. Jeff Flake may appear youthful and vital in photos, but he’s utterly feeble in spirit. And that runs contrary to the cowboy zeal that animates most Arizonans. A melting snowflake And so, Flake has, well, flaked out ...