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Mask mandates are all about gaining power by instilling fear in Americans

WASHINGTON: Mask mandates are about the Democrat’s easily controlling people. The best way to do that, they found, is through instilling fear and doubt into the minds of the masses. And that is exactly what is being done to Americans today. There is no scientific nor rational reason to have people who have had COVID, ...

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Six Degrees of Separation? “The Science” vs COVID Deaths

WASHINGTON, D.C.:  The mainstream media lost the public’s trust when it simply denied systematic voter fraud in the November 2020 presidential election. The problem is they simply refused to have any intellectual curiosity. To interview any of the thousands of witnesses waiting to testify to inconsistencies and outright fraud they saw. The CDC, ergo “the ...


Cyber boot camp creates superheroes of the future

SAN DIEGO, June 26, 2017 — Millions of American teens plan to spend the summer enjoying the adventure of their favorite superheroes at the movie theater, in video games, or in graphic novels. A select few will spend part of their summer becoming superheroes themselves in real life: cyber superheroes ready to defend against hackers ...