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The great race to destruction: Bovine flatulence vs. the New York Times

WASHINGTON. Is it likely the world will end in 12 years aided by bovine flatulence induced global warming, as foretold by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? Or is it far more plausible the New York Times will cease to exist in half the time due to it’s plummeting readership, as President Donald Trump predicts? Let’s just say ...

Lara Logan, GPS Fusion, Dossier, Journalism, Russia, Stephe Nemo

Lara Logan discusses the partisan media and collusion with Fusion GPS

WASHINGTON. If you ask former CBS correspondent Lara Logan the difference between mainstream media “journalism” and the tactics employed by opposition research firm Fusion GPS, her answer would likely be, “Not much.” But we’ll get back to Lara Logan’s unceremonious departure from the “Tiffany Network” in a moment. Democrats, journalists, smear machines, and Trump/Russia collusion ...

Jussie Smollett, MAGA, Attack, Chicago, Liberal Lies

Earth to liberals: You are all Jussie Smollett

MYRTLE BEACH: Some gay black television actor on some show a few people watch accused Trump supporters of beating him up. Trump-hating liberal celebrities (redundant) immediately declared the actor to be the gay Rosa Parks.  His assailants were the love child of Adolph Hitler and Bull Connor. This time the racial and LGBTQ arsonist was “Empire” ...