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Robert Mueller

Roger Stone, Robert Mueller, Special Council Thuggery, Jacquie Kubin

Roger Stone: Robert Mueller’s latest victim of Special Council thuggery

WASHINGTON:  It’s a process crime. In United States criminal procedure, a process crime is an offense against the judicial process. These types of crimes include obstruction of justice, perjury, and contempt of court. Process crimes are the offenses that “interfere with the procedures and administration of justice”. They are prosecuted because they are considered to harm ...

Jerome Corsi, Corsi, Obama, Surveillance, Robert Mueller, Hammer, Barack Obama, Surveillance

Dr. Jerome Corsi, Mueller target speaks out after court hearing

WASHINGTON: Today, Dr. Jerome Corsi affirms that he believes that he was illegally targeted by surveillance technology. “Do you believe that you were under surveillance?” Contractor-turned whistleblower Dennis Montgomery alleges that the Obama administration used an illegal surveillance system to spy on Donald Trump. Corsi believes he is the victim of the same system. Corsi says: “I believe ...

Corsi, Montgomery, Payton, Mueller

The ties that bind: Corsi, Montgomery and Bre Payton all Mueller accusers

WASHINGTON: The story of the Obama Coup d’etat to surveil then candidate, now President Trump is expanding exponentially. Jerome Corsi is the author of two best-selling books, Unfit for Command (2004) and The Obama Nation (2008). Both books questioned both President Obama and hopeful Democratic presidential candidates. Corsi’s anti-Obama writings for conservative sites like WorldNetDaily ...

Is the Libby pardon a precursor to pardons for those Scootered by Mueller?

As was done to Lewis "Scooter" Libby, is being done by Robert Mueller. And while Robert Mueller has "Scootered" the Trump Administration with the ole' fall back of "Lying to the FBI", a Libby Pardon by President Trump creates a panic as it sets a precedent for reversing the convictions of those Scootered by Mueller.