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Ukraine, Resiliance

Ukraine and its lesson in resilience for the World

SAN DIEGO,:  The country of Ukraine, as of this writing and publication, is embroiled in an onslaught of hate and madness brought about by the Russian government that cannot abide with peace nor acceptance of the desire for freedom. Outnumbered in troops, armament, and many forms of defense, the Ukrainian people are fighting for their ...

A New Years Resolution for Resilience with a lesson from the ant

SAN DIEGO, January 4, 2022–  The new year is traditionally a time for reflection and setting new goals with anticipation, but for many Americans, optimism could be lower and levels of uncertainty higher at this usually inspiring time. Going into a new year with resilience and fortitude is an excellent resolution. There were thoughts by ...

Hillary Clinton, Resilience, Master Class

Poor little Hillary Clinton: the ghoul in the mirror

Lately, former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton isn’t afraid to show her sensitive side. And nothing gets the ice queen choking back Niagara Falls-style tears as recalling her humiliating 2016 defeat at the hands of Donald J. Trump. Recently, Mrs. Clinton delivered a video master class on “the power of resilience” ...