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Donald Trump and the world’s dictators

Trump has undermined American security and power with comments that undermine NATO, somehow making the Democrats the party of patriotism and national defense.

Are you a “Trumpet” or a “Cruzer”?

The "Exit Poll Ballot" issued by Jesse Kamzol, national data director for the Republican National Committee, will help some conflicted voters sort out their feelings.

Taxes: The root of America’s problems easily solved

The single rate tax plan solves every one of the problems caused by tax policy and it is consistent with the principles of freedom, Democracy and free enterprise. It greatly benefits the vast majority of Americans.

Helpful Democrat calls for GOP rules change. . . in five years

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., March 27, 2016 — A Sunday morning commentator on ABC News unwittingly offered the ultimate solution to the “problem that is Trump”: The Republican Party should admit their rules and procedures need overhauling and focus not on this year’s convention, but on the one that’s five years off instead. On its face, the ...

GOP debate draws heavy protests

Protesters blocked Detroit city streets ahead of the Republican presidential debate, demanding attention for the Flint water crisis and civil rights issues.

Stocks party hard on Super Tuesday, Dow up triple digits

WASHINGTON, March 1, 2016 – March really did roar in like a lion Tuesday, at least on Wall Street. After a mopey, gloomy, miserable leap-Monday (February 29), a majority of stocks were off to the races Super Tuesday morning, with the Dow up slightly over 2 percent, while the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ closed ...