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Post-Impeachment, Democrats, Trump, Republicans

Time for post-impeachment Republicans to get their Trump on

WASHINGTON. An old Italian proverb says “revenge is a dish best served cold.” And with the partisan impeachment of President Donald Trump all but over – except for the celebratory popping of Champagne corks – Republican payback should certainly be an icy delicacy served up on a silver tray. Lindsey Graham channels Trump Sen. Lindsey ...

Congressional Clowns, Democrats, Republicans

Congressional Clowns: A fool by any other name is still in Congress

WASHINGTON: Congress has taken the place of Hollywood these days. At least as far as comedy goes. If Will Rogers were alive today, he would find it hard to believe the wealth of comedic material available.  Only, Hollywood has no sense of humor, so that train has left the station. And all those clowns becoming ...