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Republican Party

The GOP’s changing of the guard

Too liberal for its conservatives and too insider for the iconoclasts, the GOP old guard will be absent or diminished at the RNC. What will the new GOP look like?

Time for the GOP to embrace people’s choice Donald Trump

WASHINGTON, March 16, 2016 — This 2016 presidential campaign is different from any other. On the Democrats’ side, through the use of super delegates, their likely candidate has been selected by party leaders, although she may not be legally permitted to run. On the Republican side, the entire party establishment wants anyone except Donald Trump. ...

Trump, Cruz ride wave of voter revolt

Trump's Michigan win underscores the reality of the political revolt; Cruz’s second-place finish and Idaho win leave the GOP establishment with nothing to salvage.

The born-again Christian: America’s sleeping giant stirs

WASHINGTON, February 2, 2016 — When President Obama won re-election in 2012, the Rev. Franklin Graham (son of Rev. Billy Graham) told the Christian Broadcasting Network, “The majority of Christians in this country just did not vote for whatever reason. The vast majority of evangelicals did not go to the polls. God is in control, ...

Please, leave CJ Pearson alone

Conservatives disdain blacks on the "Democratic plantation"; are they so eager to force CJ onto their own? Isn't conservatism about thought, not orthodoxy?

No, the GOP isn’t dying off

The party’s base is still white – a shrinking demographic – and older – a demographic which expires more frequently. But an obituary is premature.

Obama says his policies are on the ballot: Republicans agree

WASHINGTON, October 4, 2014 — Last week, President Obama gave a speech at Northwestern University to lay out the economic achievements of his administration. The intent was to convince voters that they are better off today than they were six years ago, when he was elected. He argued that his policies are on the ballot. Will that help ...