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There would be no America without Christianity

OCALA, Fla., April 7, 2014 — For some, personal religion is a touchy subject. At a dinner party for instance, it is not merely something awkward, but avoided. This should be no surprise considering how many people tend to manipulate religion’s invariably political arm, churches, for the sake of social, rather than spiritual, capital. Indeed, ...

Muslim actors Marnò, Ali, Jaffrey star on House of Cards

Remy Danton is a lot of things: a hotshot lobbyist, an associate of Raymond Tusk, and someone who has known Francis Underwood for many years. The actor that plays Remy Danton, Mahershala Ali, is something else: an Ahmadi Muslim.

Should Bibles be allowed in hotel rooms?

SAN DIEGO, February 2, 2014 —Hotel rooms and Gideon Bibles. They go together like franks and beans, baseball and hotdogs, George and Gracie; a time honored American tradition. For years, vacationers and businessmen have felt comfortable with this familiarity. After all, a Bible in a hotel room drawer  or nightstand blends in with the air ...