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Recession, Economic Growth

Forecasts of a US recession are wrong. The Trump economy will continue

WASHINGTON:  Many economists are forecasting that the US is close to entering a recession.  The recession could come in 2020 but some argue it could start as early as next year.  While there are a number of signs that point to that conclusion, a closer examination reveals that we are years away from a recession. ...

Will 2016 see a recession?

Obamacare's employer mandate, economic slowdowns abroad, the gap since our last recession and Fed policy all point to a recession this year. But maybe not.

Russian government predicts severe inflation, recession for 2015

WASHINGTON, December 26, 2014 – The Russian economy, already in a slump, will enter a sharp recession next year, accompanied by double-digit inflation. This is according to Russian government ministers, who blame Western sanctions against Russia over the annexation of Crimea and the plummeting price of oil. The sanctions have blocked foreign investment in the ...

Obama’s growth recession continued in 2014

WASHINGTON, December 21, 2014 — For the fifth consecutive year, the U.S. GDP has been forecast to grow by more than 3 percent. And for the fifth consecutive year, it will grow by just over 2 percent. Economists could refer to this as a “growth recession” that should have ended years ago with a period of strong expansion, but ...