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John Galt, Paris, Socialism, Stephen Nemo, Yellow Vests, Socialism

France gets its John Galt on, leads second sexual revolution

WASHINGTON. The Western mainstream media, a duplicitous appendage of the modern state,  clearly hates France’s so-called “Yellow Vest” revolution now radiating from Paris. The upheavals are a reaction not of politics but culture. Not of capitalism vs. socialism, but a violent response of creative masculinity to smothering, overbearing, over-nurturing, mommy-state feminism. The media vs. the Yellow ...

Amazing Amazon plus Trump - Putin confab and Turkish currency crisis

Amazing Amazon surges, markets obsess over Trump – Putin confab

Amazing Amazon (AMZN) is burning up the charts this morning as the retail and cloud behemoth gears up for its 4th annual “Prime Day” discount fest. Aside from some nervousness over today's Trump-Putin Helsinki confab, this news should help the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ. 

Andrew McCabe, FBI, James Comey, Andrew MCabe Fired

Luck of the Irish? Top 10 next moves for McFired Andrew McCabe

Former deputy FBI director, just fired Andrew McCabe has hired attorney Michael Bromwich to represent him. The Associated Press is reporting that the recently ousted former FBI Deputy Director, who took over as director of the bureau after James Comey firing, is saying he has personal memos on President Donald Trump.