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Post Rittenhouse: Turning a deaf ear to Democrats and a lying media

KENOSHA: At least one talking head at MSNBC got it right – partially. Political analyst Brittany Cunningham said of the Kyle Rittenhouse exoneration: “I do believe that the act of picking up an AR-15, getting a ride to Kenosha, and standing out there to supposedly defend property, is all about terrorizing people into operating in ...

McAullife, Youngkin, Virginia, CRT, Progressives

Virginia Parents Beat CRT Politicians and America can do the same

A Highly energized Parent CRT revolt in Virginia sent shockwaves across the Commonwealth, across the nation on election night.  Republican Glenn Youngkin secured victory over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial election. The win was largely fueled by parental backlash over Biden’s FBI Parent Domestic Terrorism CRT memo. The result of which tens of thousands ...

Decline and Fall of America: Endgame for crony capitalism

WASHINGTON, Aug. 15, 2015 – Let’s launch today’s essay on America’s ongoing decline and fall by quoting at length some provocative comments from Jesse’s Café Américain, a uniquely odd, provocative, pseudonymous, one-man website primarily devoted to gold, silver and economic matters: Watching the conversations related to the political scene [is] a little more interesting now ...