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President Obama

Taxes got you down? Blame the President

Along with other “firsts” that began during the Civil War, such as hospital ships, postal delivery, and the first submarine, we can add the income tax

Why President Obama must be impeached

It is possible to enact all sorts of laws and steer in all sorts of directions, and have all sorts of discussions, without abusing Executive power.

Gas at $2.50 per gallon will stimulate the economy

WASHINGTON, December 2, 2014 − In February 2012, potential Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said he had a plan to reduce the price of a gallon of regular gasoline to $2.50. At that time gas was selling for nearly $4.00 per gallon. While Newt’s claim seemed like a wild dream, look what’s happening today. Less ...

Immigration reform is needed, but executive action is not the answer

WASHINGTON, November 20, 2014 − We can all agree that the immigration system is broken and is desperately in need of repair quickly. But the impending executive (and probably illegal as well as divisive) action by the President is not the answer. So what can be done? The problem is that up to 11 million ...