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President Obama

Trump vs Obama’s JV team

Obama called ISIS the JV, but that better describes his own foreign policy team; if the press wants to read more about Hillary, they should read the IG report.

The President’s reluctant Tango

It's Spring Break in Argentina and there's no sense ruining the fun, the dancing and the candlelight just because of Islamist terrorism in Europe.

Obama arrives in Cuba promoting his Cuba policy

HAVANA, March 20, 2016 – President Obama arrived in Cuba today for a history-making presidential visit and loosening decades of tense relations with the communist country. The White House is hoping the visit will nudge the Cuban government to grant more freedoms to its people and open new economic channels for American businesses. Obama took ...

Prayer as an alternative to opioids

‘When I left her office that day, I noticed there was a different spring in my step. I also knew that I no longer had any desire for drugs.’

Obama visits U.S. mosque, ignores Islamic terrorism

WASHINGTON, Feb. 3, 2016 — President Obama made his first visit as president to a U.S. mosque on Wednesday, when he addressed an Islamic group in Maryland. Did his visit signal an even more pro-Muslim White House stance and greater dismissiveness toward Christianity? Obama appeared to extend his pro-Islamic hand-holding efforts when he addressed a meeting at the Maryland Islamic ...

Donald Trump is angry? Good!!!

Black poverty is up, incomes are down, immigration is a mess, and the priority of Republicans in Congress is to stay in Congress. You should be mad, too.