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President Obama

RINOS charge against Donald Trump

The globalism shills and their politically correct failure to face the facts about what made America great are truly fearful now of a businessman who seems to value the constitution and the American workers above all else.

Lame-duck Obama’s kiss of death

President Obama gave a convention speech that has been widely praised as eloquent, touching and inspiring. It reminded people why he is popular—and why Hillary is not.

Messrs. Cruz, Obama, Kasich: Mind your manners

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., July 21, 2016 — An interviewer asked someone why so many on Capitol Hill often take an instant dislike to Ted Cruz. The reply was both humorous and instructive: “It saves time.” This flag-waving conservative with a Harvard education could do so much for his party and for the country, if only he would. ...

The police threat to black America

When stopped by police, blacks are as likely to be killed as whites. But they're more likely to be stopped in the first place, handcuffed, manhandled and tased.

A Biden-Sanders ticket: The fix is in?

The probe into Hillary Clinton's emails is a possible "criminal investigation," so why did President Obama endorse her? He's the man with a plan: Joe Biden.