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Pope Francis

Venezuela descends into dictatorship

Socialists in Europe and America nod approvingly at the brave Maduro's challenge to capitalism and the West; his suffering people are just eggs for the omelet.

LGBT: ‘No way’ in Colombia?

BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA, August 14, 2016 – Colombia is today struggling with what conservatives call “life-style” and liberals call “gender” issues regarding the country’s LBGT population. This past August 10, demonstrations took place throughout the country to protest the addition of voluntary LBGT measures in the National guidelines for all schools. Many mostly-Catholic private schools that ...

John Boehner prayed like Nixon

The pope asked Boehner, 'please pray for me.' He’d be as competent intervening on behalf of the pope as on behalf of Republican voters against the wiles of Obama.

Papal pecuniary poppycock

The Pope, like so many of his fellow travelers on the ossified left, believes the global economy is a quiescent, lumbering monolith like, well, his ancient church or the impoverished, stalled and dying Greek state.