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Do millennials like Ocasio-Cortez even know what Socialism means

WASHINGTON: Suddenly, we are hearing a great deal about “socialism.”  A Gallup Poll in August found that 57 percent of Democrats said they view socialism positively.  Other polls show the popularity of socialism among millennials and politicians such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez achieved celebrity promoting socialism, after she defeated the fourth-ranked Democratic House leader, Joseph Crowley, ...

The Republic vs Mob Democracy: Pray the republic will win

WASHINGTON: Aristotle, a Greek political philosopher of the 4th century B.C., distinguished nine principal kinds of government. However, of those nine, three are most germain to American politics in the 21st century. Aristotle identified the rule of a Kingship, or tyrannical monarchy,  Republic or aristocracy or the “rule of the best” on behalf of everyone’s best interest. And ...

Kavanaugh’s Angry Defense: Not the only anger we have seen

SAN DIEGO:  Unable to prove the contradictory and uncorroborated sexual allegations against now sworn in Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Democrats have switched gears. We are now hearing that this was not a court trial. It was a job interview. In that context, they say, Kavanaugh should have been disqualified. Diane Feinstein says, “This is not a trial ...

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Trump – Putin Summit: Godwin’s Law “Everyone is Hitler”

Godwin's Law is an internet adage derived from one of the earliest bits of Usenet wisdom. The "law" posits that "if you mention Adolf Hitler or Nazis, you've automatically ended whatever discussion you were taking part in." Following the Trump - Putin summit, Godwin's Law is in full flower.

More Dolley Madison: for whom the title of First Lady was coined

FORT WORTH: James and Dolley Madison were the golden couple of their era, but they were not without detractors. They had no children of their own, although Dolley had given birth during her first marriage. Enemies used this information to question James’ virility, indicating that he was impotent and was too feeble to lead the country. ...

Stormy Daniels burden of proof: How much is consensual sex worth?

So is the fact that Stormy Daniels is a porn star make it more or less wrong for her to knowingly have a brief sexual encounter with a married man.  It is not like she did not know who he was or that he was married. Or is the "wrong" in that she continues to try to financially benefit.  How much is consensual sex worth?