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France gets its John Galt on, leads second sexual revolution

WASHINGTON. The Western mainstream media, a duplicitous appendage of the modern state,  clearly hates France’s so-called “Yellow Vest” revolution now radiating from Paris. The upheavals are a reaction not of politics but culture. Not of capitalism vs. socialism, but a violent response of creative masculinity to smothering, overbearing, over-nurturing, mommy-state feminism. The media vs. the Yellow ...

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Macron says let them eat cake, the gilets jaunes respond We Want Trump

WASHINGTON:  Seeing the writing on the proverbial wall, resident of France are standing up against “Let them eat cake” President Macron.  Protestors are blaming Macron for increasing financial burdens from Federal officials. The latest gas taxes are to pay for environmental policies. However, they will take gas prices out of reach of most people is ...

The Four Seasons George V: The Pinnacle of Paris

The Four Seasons George V is one of Paris' most legendary 5 star luxury hotels, with three Michelin starred restaurants, including the glorious Le Cinq, featuring the extraordinary 3 Star Michelin Chef Christian Le Squer.

A testimony of faith for Easter: Jennie’s story

FORT WORTH, Texas, March 26, 2016 — Isaiah 42: 1-9 and John 12: 1-11 both testify to the divinity of Jesus Christ. Isaiah declares that Jesus is the One whom God will make to be a covenant to His people. The story in John takes place at Lazarus’ home where Jesus and His apostles gathered ...

Captured Paris attacker identifies accomplice who remains at large

BRUSSELS, March 21, 2016 – Belgian police confirmed that they are searching for a new suspect linked to the November Paris attacks. Salah Abdeslam, the terror suspect Belgian police captured last week, gave investigators the name of Najim Laachraoui as an accomplice. Police previously confirmed that an alias of Laachraoui, Soufiane Kayal, was used to ...

President Obama’s reality problem

The failure of the Obama Administration’s policy towards Islamic terrorism in general and ISIS in particular was made plain by the tragic events in France. Does he live in Rainbow Land?