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The Brush of the Gods

This book tells the legend of Wu Daozi, whom is believed to have cheated death by walking into his own painting.

Cute & Cuter

Sir Yips-a-lot is no longer the cutest thing ever when Lady Meow-meow arrives, but how can he win back the affection of his owner?

California governor vetos bill allowing more than two legal parents

SAN DIEGO, September 30, 2012 – California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed legislation today that would have allowed children to have more than two legal parents. Senate Bill 1476 by State Senator Mark Leno would have allowed judges to recognize more than two legal parents if it is determined to be “required in the best interests ...

Virtual visitation a smart option for parents and kids

SAN DIEGO, April 15, 2012 –  After a divorce, it isn’t uncommon for a job opportunity, family ties or a new relationship to cause one parent to move. When there are children involved, the parent without primary physical custody becomes separated from his or her children. The relationship is likely to suffer, and the non-custodial ...