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Does the Omicron variant signal the end for COVID-19?

WASHINGTON. America’s COVID-19 crisis is heating up. The highly infectious Omicron variant of the coronavirus, first discovered in South Africa, is on a rapid rise in the US. And the mainstream media reporting on Omicron has the nation in a panic. Covid home testing kits are nearly impossible to find in drugstores and medical testing ...

The Omicron Strain, Lockdowns, Mandates, Government, Australia

From COVID, INC, starring Dr. Fauci as the invader .. The Omicron Strain

“A characteristic of all crises is their predictability, in retrospect. They seem to have a certain inevitability; they seem predestined.” So wrote Michael Crichton in his novel “The Andromeda Strain.” A story about a deadly alien organism that infects the population of a small New Mexico town, killing nearly everyone. The heroes of the story, ...