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Shades of Benghazi in Afghanistan crisis link to betrayal, profit

SAN DIEGO: Sunday, the remains of  Lance Corporal Rylee J. McCollum came home from Afghanistan to his distraught mother Kathy McCollum. The C-17 Globemaster carried 13 sacred flag-draped silver coffins. McCollum’s grief is not unlike other moms and dads of the 13, or those killed in Benghazi. They are victims of egregious government failures. McCollum ...

Sturgis, noem, spreader

Sturgis Bike Rally: An event that spreads tons of fun

STURGIS, SD: Sunday the Sturgis motorcycle rally concluded but not without fascist socialist Democrats like the CDC’s Dr. Anthony Fauci and ‘The View’s Joy Reid lying through their teeth. Last year the event went on with leftys saying the event would become a COVID-19 super spreader event. In fact, 460,000 were said to have attended ...

World Government, George Soros, Soros, World Government, Socialism

Who is liberal Hungarian billionaire George Soros, why does he matter?

KATONAH, NY: George Soros’ name often comes up in conversations without people really knowing the man they are talking about. People find the Hungarian billionaire to be either good or bad, without really addressing his end game which is very germane as to how people should decide about the man. The name of George Soros, ...