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polls, hugins, menendez, new jersey

Bob Hugin loses the New Jersey Senate, leaving Menendez in power

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY: In a tight race against Bob Menendez, Hugin received last-minute backing by the President. It was too late. The two corporate executives concerned with the nation’s future pick-up the call to hold the mantle of leadership substituting the admiration for leadership with the actions of leadership. Postponing an endorsement gave Hugin a ...

polls, hugins, menendez, new jersey

NJ Democrat Senator Bob Menendez’s corruption taint is Bob Hugin’s win

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY: A number of things stand out in the polls in the Menendez (D)  – Hugin (R) race for Congress. For instance, Menendez polls poorly among “Southern Democrats.”   Hugin, nevertheless. has complete Republican support and considerably most of the Caucasian support. At least according to the numbers. Leaving Menendez Urban Democrats in the northern ...

NJ winter storm clean up Winslow Township

Winslow Township, NJ, March 7, 2018- By 6 p.m. today snowfall stopped and clean up crews, quick to the scene, started plowing what was the second heavy snowfall of this winter season. It was a cloudy, definitely overcast, wind at about 15 miles an hour, and approximately 3-6 inches of accumulation. Winslow Township Plowing Winslow Township ...

Bridgegate not over for Chris Christie

A New Jersey judge issued a summons to Governor Chris Christie over his alleged role in Bridgegate. The complaint was filed by retired firefighter William J. Brennan.

What’s happening in Atlantic City?

Atlantic City is a poster child for bad management, runaway costs, bloated pensions, patronage and greed. Probably not unlike a city near you. Can it be saved?

New Jersey needs a Global Investment Strategy

TRENTON, N..J., June 4, 2015 — On Wednesday the New Jersey State Senate Legislative Oversight Committee received testimony from Tom Byrne, chairman of the New Jersey State Investment Council,  regarding the state pension system and its strategies as they relate to hedge fund investments and private equity investments (non-publicly traded companies). The State Investment Council sets policy ...