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NATO and America are poking the Russian Bear with hints of Winter War

WASHINGTON: The anti-Russia rhetoric is ramping up again. The “why” is significant. Implied threats of a “winter war” are surfacing from NATO countries as well as the American intelligence community. Recent visits by American officials to Ukraine were ignored by most western media. However, Russia and its allies have been watching closely. They are preparing ...

Doubt NATO’s relevance? Look to Russia

Is NATO irrelevant? Russian aggression in Ukraine, its threat to the Baltics, its new generation of ICBMs, and the calculating Mr. Putin himself all say "NO."

Immigration, ISIS terrorism, NATO and Trump

WASHINGTON, March 23, 2016 — “These terrorists seek to undermine the democratic values that are the foundation of our alliance and our way of life, but they will never succeed. Today’s attacks will only strengthen our resolve to stand together as allies and defeat terrorism and radical jihadism around the world.” So said Democratic presidential ...

Turkey signs NATO’s death warrant

Turkey's decision to shoot down a Russian jet on a mission against ISIS targets in Syria not only killed a Russian pilot but also mortally wounded NATO.

Nuclear disarmament and the Ukraine conundrum

WASHINGTON, November 13, 2014 – NATO officials have confirmed that Russian troops, tanks, and other military equipment are crossing the border into Ukraine. Fighting has picked up around Donetsk, and there have been “green man” sightings – men in green uniforms with no insignia. The invasion of Crimea was carried out in part by green ...

NATO spots Russian incursion, Ukraine attacks, stocks down

WASHINGTON, August 15, 2014 – According to a Reuters report, “NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said on Friday a ‘Russian incursion’ into Ukraine had occurred overnight, but stopped short of characterizing it as an invasion. Wall Street, which had started out in a positive mood Friday morning, quickly tanked—no pun intended—down roughly one percent ...

Blame the European Union, not Obama for mishandling Ukraine crisis

HONOLULU, March 9, 2014 – The last two years of American foreign policy have been strewn with potholes for the Obama Administration. From the terrorist attack in Benghazi to the chemical weapons “red line” in Syria to the standoff late last year with China in the East China Sea, U.S. foreign policy has never looked ...