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America’s Families need a Patriot Switch to Beat Back Biden inflation

Americans typically feel most comfortable, safe, and secure when we can shop and support our values where we live locally. Now you have the wonderful opportunity to beat back inflation and the dictatorial bullies and take advantage of affordable prices. The exciting bonus is to be American while you are doing it. Keeping family dollars ...


‘We The Kids’ show 2nd PAB Award recognizes children as future patriots

American parents are watching the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its stark impact on Ukraine’s children due to the desires of one man – Putin. And they are drawing parallels between the tyranny of Putin and Biden. Unfortunately, these politicians feel that an assault on parents, children be damned, is ok. It makes America’s We ...

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Evil in the crotch of a tree, NPR warns against racist white privilege emojis

With inflation raging in your family’s pocketbooks at a rate not seen in 40 years, are you worrying about NPR’s preoccupation with ‘White Privilege’ emojis? Probably not. Yet, according to taxpayer-funded NPR, “The answer is more complex than you think.” Honestly, most Americans have grown tired of having their lives micro-analyzed by the liberal thought ...

McAullife, Youngkin, Virginia, CRT, Progressives

Virginia Parents Beat CRT Politicians and America can do the same

A Highly energized Parent CRT revolt in Virginia sent shockwaves across the Commonwealth, across the nation on election night.  Republican Glenn Youngkin secured victory over Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial election. The win was largely fueled by parental backlash over Biden’s FBI Parent Domestic Terrorism CRT memo. The result of which tens of thousands ...

NSBA, Garland, FBI, Parents, Domestic Terrorists

Is Garland’s Parental Terrorist order for the benefit of his family, not yours?

WASHINGTON: Attorney General Merrick Garland, the man who could have been a Supreme Court Justice, is spewing his rage at American parents aka Parental Terrorists. He’s reacting by a letter sent by leaders of the U.S. Education union cartel to White House Resident-in-Chief to target American parents. Yes, the most powerful law enforcement bureaucrat in ...

Bill de Blasio, Bill de Blasio, Bimbo, New York, Mandates, Vaccine, BLM, Racism

Is De Blasio’s Vaccine Mandate weaponized racism against Blacks?

WASHINGTON: If Americans did not know better, they might believe that slavery ended in 1865 after the Civil War.  Yet, according to New York BLM leader Chivona Newsome, Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate are modern-day ‘slave freedom papers.’ The National Association for the Advancement of Canceled People believes BLM may be highlighting the ultimate ...