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The murder of LaNiyah Murphy highlights the need to return to civility

On January 4, 2022, according to the Chicago Police Department, a young woman, 20-year-old LaNiyah Murphy, when an argument erupted between her and another person. An opened fire, striking Murphy in the head and killing her. According to Lamar Johnson, Murphy was a member of the Brave Youth Leaders, who is the violence prevention coordinator ...

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From John Lennon’s murder to humanities steady march to madness

John Lennon was gunned down outside his home at the Dakota in New York City on Dec. 8, 1980. In March of 2013, Yoko Ono tweeted, “Over 1,057,000 people have been killed by guns in the USA since John Lennon was shot and killed on 8 Dec 1980.” Over 1,057,000 people have been killed by ...


Rep. Jerry Nadler – A race baiting socialist? Maybe.

WASHINGTON: The people of both Illinois and Wisconsin might call Representative Jerry Nadler (D) New York a filthy race-baiting socialist. He would have a difficult time arguing he is not. The reason is that Judiciary Committee Chair Rep. Jerry Nadler, who was the so-called “constitutional expert” on the team to impeach President Trump, called on ...

The blood-thirsty gods of Mexico: Heroin

The New York Times says the opium production of our southern neighbor is up 50 percent in an attempt to meet the demand of America’s willing sacrificial victims leads to murder

Remember John Lennon: Fear fills the vacuum left by disappearing hope

Fear is a vacuum of hope. And that vacuum in America is being filled by the hateful words of Presidents, Senators and presidential nominees from both sides of the aisle. John Lennon's 1980 murder followed the murders of John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy and Ghandi. Today murders are committed in mass numbers.

Capitol Community News reporter Charnice Milton murdered in D.C.

WASHINGTON, May 28, 2015 – Charnice Milton Capitol Community News (CCN) reporter and daughter of national syndicated radio host Kenneth McClenton was fatally shot in Washington D.C. Wednesday night, according to the Washington Post. Ms. Milton, 27 years of age, was a graduate of Ball State and earned a Master’s from Syracuse. Milton was wounded in ...