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Darkest Hour: Churchill standing firm (a movie review)

This is a different kind of war film. Darkest Hour does not chronicle the contest between Churchill and his nemesis in Berlin but the internal struggle between Churchill and the holdovers from the previous government.

“The Greatest Showman”: a review

It is the life of P.T. Barnum that is the subject of the delightful film “The Greatest Showman,” starring Hugh Jackman as the mercurial 19th-century promoter.

Max: American movie showcases valor of military working dogs

SAN DIEGO, July 7, 2015 — “Max,” a June 2015 theatrical release, is an American action and adventure movie that is ideal for the entire family. Max is a spirited Malinois shepherd who has been trained as a military war dog. While serving in the Marine Corps and fighting in Afghanistan, a shooting incident kills his ...