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Fighting for the Americans and allies Biden has left to die in Afghanistan

SAN DIEGO. Terrorists not only murdered over 2,900 Americans on Sept. 11, 2001, but they also sought to bring America to its knees. As America’s allies watched in shock, a seismic jarring ripped around the globe. The smoke cleared and the Taliban lay at the epicenter. A safe harbor for al Qaeda jihadists to launch ...

American Vets, Afghanistan,

American Vets in Afghanistan did not fight in vain; they crushed Taliban evil

SAN DIEGO: Now flying their flag over Kabul, the Taliban are on the hunt for anyone who opposed them over the last 20 years. The people our Afghanistan vets protected. The Taliban lie publicly saying it will be a “peaceful” transfer of power. When already, according to refugees, they’ve left a trail of executions and ...

Memorial Day, Solemnity,

The purpose behind Memorial Day. A lesson in solemnity for all

FLORIDA: This is Memorial Day weekend yet no one seems to remember what that day really symbolizes. Begun in the wake of the Civil War, when a few southern ladies decorated the graves of Union soldiers buried far away from their mothers, sisters, fathers, and brothers, it demonstrated our commonality rather than our differences. Sadly ...