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Top Ten News Stories, Kavanaugh, Krauthammer, Eric Golub

From Krauthammer to Kavanaugh: The top news stories of 2018

LOS ANGELES:  As another year comes to a close, very few institutions have been devalued as much as the Fourth Estate. The American media is liked and trusted even less than the people they skewer. Far too many media personalities are more interested in being the news rather than just reporting it. Walter Cronkite was once ...

House of Cards, Netflix, #MeToo, Stephen Nemo

Netflix’s “House of Cards” a brilliantly cynical #MeToo passion play

WASHINGTON: On its Friday premier, the #MeToo movement collided with the sixth and final season of the Netflix Original series “House of Cards.” Claire Underwood has replaced husband Francis as president of the United States. And in an example of life imitating art, the actress playing her, Robin Wright, has replaced alleged sexual harasser Kevin Spacey ...

Brett Kavanaugh, Hollywood, #MeToo, and the neo-pagan “sacred feminine”

WASHINGTON: The late conservative gadfly Andrew Breitbart said something that can’t be yelled loudly enough in the ears of conservatives: “Politics is downstream from the culture.”  A position clearly defined in the recent Kavanaugh – Ford #MeToo hysteria. It’s all about the culture Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, which almost exclusively centered on allegations ...

Ford vs Kavanaugh, MeToo, Senate, Stephen Nemo

Ford vs Kavanaugh: #MeToo isn’t playing so well in the US Senate

WASHINGTON: Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, extended until Saturday the deadline for attorneys representing Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of groping and attempting to rape her, to decide if their client will testify before the committee. It has become a he said ...

The Top 10 Important news stories of 2017

2017 was a year of spectacular triumphs and heart-breaking losses. Following are the most important stories, what actually matters to Americans and society as a whole.