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My Birthday: Grateful for 50 Happy Memories upon turning 50

LOS ANGELES, I entered this world 50 years ago. On January 9, 1972 to be exact. Over the days surrounding my 50th birthday, I thought of 50 happy memories. Experiences that make me grateful for the life I have led, and the future one as I move toward 100. 1.) Every moment I ever spent ...

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Living with ALS: Retaining the memories of friendships discovered in Italy

CHARLOTTE, NC:  A recent e-mail from a longtime friend had a particular impact on me this week. During the early days of my travel writing career, I was invited on a trip to Rome and the Amalfi Coast by a hotel rep who specializes in family-operated properties. Having never been to Italy, I immediately accepted ...

The old time barber shop

The barbershop during world war two was the gathering place for conversations and in particular, those conversations concerning the war and its impact.

Business in the neighborhood

MISSOURI, March 3, 2014 —Do you remember the merchants who brought their wares, goods, and food products not only to our neighborhood but also sometimes to our very door? Remember Sam, who had a push cart with a sand stone mounted for sharpening the knives for the housewives? He pushed his cart all over town ...

Defining happiness: Keep it simple

MISSOURI, January 16, 2014 —What is happiness? According to Webster, it is “Having or demonstrating pleasure or satisfaction.” Some people may say happiness is far too complex and elusive a concept to define. Perhaps if they keep it simple and listen to their hearts, they will find the answer. Defining happiness is not an exact ...