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Insurrection, Biden, Jan 6

Laughing at Joe Biden is “insurrection,” says mainstream media

WASHINGTON. Does anyone else find it funny, not to mention a little ironic, that one of the most unpopular politicians in America, Vice President Kamala Harris, has become the Democratic Party’s pitchman for “free and fair elections?” Surely not secure and surely not verifiable – as in verifying the identities of those unseen souls dropping ...

Truth, War of the Worlds, Media, Fake NewsCOVID-19, CoronaVirus, Myth Trivia, Fear, Invasion

Orson Wells War of the World redux? How do you know what is truth?

WASHINGTON:  In 1994, the United Nations hosted their annual Earth Summit in Cairo, Egypt, with their Agenda 21 plan. As reported, it was a planning session for a modern-day war of the worlds – designed to create mass panic. But how much of this is accurate, and how much is fiction? In today’s media environment, ...

Cuomo, Smollett, Media, Hate Crime, Hoax, CNN

The bathhouse echo chamber of the Chris Cuomo media

Don’t you find it strange how the media has focused its attention on fired ass-hat and disgraced CNN host Chris Cuomo to the exclusion of the Jussie Smollett trial for faking a hate crime? What’s so embarrassing for them is that those still with jobs on the nightly news were as duped by Smollett’s phony ...