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McClellan Oscillator

stock market correction, quadruple witching, Big Bad Bears

June market direction: Alarm bells ringing for US stocks, market averages?

WASHINGTON.  US stock markets were, in my view, an unmitigated disaster in May. After a great start to the year, nearly all 11 of the business-industrial sectors in the S&P 500 collectively dropped like a stone. Exceptions were, to some extent at least, consumer durables, utilities and – late in the game – real estate.  ...

Another bear market warning

Bear market warning? Trump-China, Deep State politics, Fed clobber stocks

Trump-China Syndrome, increasingly blatant and frantic Deep State efforts to remove President Trump from office, and the Fed’s pathological fear of inflation were just too much for this market. Bear market warning flags now fly all over commonly followed stock charts, indexes and averages.

Selloff on Wall Street gathers strength as Dow falls over 1500 points

WASHINGTON, February 5, 2018: At 3:05 p.m. ET Monday, Friday’s vicious stock selloff is continuing with a vengeance. Stocks are getting ruthlessly pounded across the board in bearish trading action not seen for well over a year. Monday afternoon, the Dow Jones Industrial average seems hell-bent on reaching the minus 1500 mark on the downside. ...