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Maxine Waters

White House Press Corps, Jim Acosta, Paul H. Yarborough

Real results of the Midterms: Trump, Pelosi win – Obama, Hollywood lose

LOS ANGELES: As Democrats celebrate recapturing the House, expect many of the blind liberal media partisans to miss the real election 2018 aftermath story. For the third straight election, virtually everyone and everything President Barack Obama believes in was rejected. The real results of Midterm 2018 are that almost everything Hollywood liberals obsess over is now ...

Disintegrating Democratic Party

An ugly, disintegrating Democratic Party and the American left

Not that long ago, the mere mention of the Democratic Party conjured images of Camelot, with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy looking like European royalty as she danced with her handsome and tuxedoed husband Jack at his inaugural ball. Forget all that. Today the face of the Democratic party is Maxine Waters

Louis Farrakhan, Barack Obama, Erick Holder, The View, Democrats

Louis Farrakhan on The View? Ten career moves once the Democrats flee

With the names of Farrakhan’s congressional friends now under pressure to denounce him, the flow of funds may slow. The Republican Jewish Coalition is calling on Democrats Keith Ellison, Maxine Waters, and the rest of the Farrakhan friendship circle to resign from Congress. The View may be his only career choice.