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marco rubio

Marco Rubio bows out with class and honor

MIAMI, March 15, 2016 — The Ides of March continues to be a cruel date in history. The original March 15 victim was Emperor Julius Caesar, who, of course, was assassinated on that date. Five years ago and closer to our own time, the Ides of March claimed the life of rapper Nate Dogg. This ...

Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday: Can you can smell the fear?

Donald Trump has the GOP elite, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, in a virtual tizzy. The one thing they are not getting is that people - the voters - don't want another life long senator and politician. We have been there, tried it and it has not worked.

Handicapping Super Tuesday and beyond

Whether Hillary or Sanders wins, it's bad for America. Is Trump any better? Unless Rubio wins Florida and Cruz wins Texas, we will have the chance to find out.