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Truckers convoy, Canada, Lies, Misinformation, Trudeau

Canadian Truckers Convoy face media liars and harassment from PM and police

OTTAWA: A number of tactics have been implemented to discourage the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 truckers in Canada’s capital of Ottawa from continuing their protest rally. It is most interesting to observe as it would appear the more the globalist elites lose the narrative, the more the public shows up in greater masses. The failing ...

Biden, Presser, Lies, Mistruths, Covid

Joe Bide’s two plus hours presser: Lies, mistruths and exaggerations

LOS ANGELES, January 19, 2022 — In the midst of collapsing poll numbers, President Joe Biden held a formal press conference at the end of his first year. Mr. Biden spent nearly two hours making excuses, blaming others, and denying reality. Biden deliberately called on friendly outlets from the New York Times to USA Today. ...

Lies, Associated Press, Truth, News, Reporting, Karen Hegstadt Casey

Lies and damned lies all courtesy of the Associated Press

COLORADO SPRINGS: If you are over fifty, you may recall the news coming to you often datelined, Associated Press, AP, or United Press International, UPI.  Trusted labels, that brought us news of significance. However, in 2018, see what the Associated Press has become: “Washington, September 9, 2018 – The White House seethes with intrigue and ...

Hate my politics? Call me a lying lunatic

It’s easier, faster, and more viscerally satisfying to ignore facts and destroy those whose messages we don’t like. Let truth, justice, and everything else be damned.

Lies, damn lies, and Hillary

The problem with Hillary isn't that she lies—lies are like the air of politics—but that she lies when she doesn't have to, when the truth would work better.