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Liberals, Democrats, and Socialist : As Mad as a Sack of Ferrets

COLORADO SPRINGS: The times, they are a changing, and not for the better. As a body politic, we have to ask: What does a liberal, Democrat Socialist America offer? Crude movies, de-humanizing rap music, abstract art, legalized baby killing. Singling Jews out, again,  Jews singled out for climate change (“the weather,”) ban on cow farts, ...

Jussie Smollett, MAGA, Attack, Chicago, Liberal Lies

Earth to liberals: You are all Jussie Smollett

MYRTLE BEACH: Some gay black television actor on some show a few people watch accused Trump supporters of beating him up. Trump-hating liberal celebrities (redundant) immediately declared the actor to be the gay Rosa Parks.  His assailants were the love child of Adolph Hitler and Bull Connor. This time the racial and LGBTQ arsonist was “Empire” ...

Tree of Life, Rally, Vigil, Minnesota, Wellstone, Eric Golub, Liberals, Los Angeles

L.A. dishonors the dead: A Tree of Life unity rally becomes a Liberal protest

LOS ANGELES: Following the brutality at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania there are calls for unity. Last week a white supremacist who hated President Donald Trump yelled “All Jews must die” before murdering 11 Jews. The oldest victim was a 97-year-old Holocaust survivor. Those at the Tree of Life had gathered for ...

Crazy Pelosi, Justice Kavanaugh, Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrats, Liberals, Stephen Nemo

Continuing the attack on Republicans, crazy, thy name is Nancy Pelosi

WASHINGTON: No sooner did Brett Kavanaugh become the 114th justice to serve on the US Supreme Court, taking his oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, than the kookiest of America’s domestic enemies, Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Crazy Pelosi, pledged to continue fanning the flames of liberal hysteria in the vain ...

Liberals Dark Heart, Political Dagger, Paul H. Yarborough, liberals, equality

The irrational concept of equality: A political dagger aimed at Liberals dark heart

WASHINGTON: Conservatives should do more than protest liberal electioneering of equality, they should explain it for what it is. A dark sinister policy called social justice which is neither social nor justice. This policy seems to live, like a dark heart and keeps changing political bodies as needed, but its life goes on. It has the care ...

Feminism, advocacy, women

Has feminism become just another Liberal advocacy group?

Conservative women must start their own movement. Not a movement that only adheres to their viewpoints, but a movement that gets back to what feminism is truly about. Not a political advocacy movement. A platform for free thoughts and ideas for all women.

The Top 30 Women of Politics for 2017

Hot is hot. Regardless of age, or politics. It just takes being smart, and interesting. As always, the list has been divided into the top 10 liberals, centrists and conservatives.