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Who is liberal Hungarian billionaire George Soros, why does he matter?

KATONAH, NY: George Soros’ name often comes up in conversations without people really knowing the man they are talking about. People find the Hungarian billionaire to be either good or bad, without really addressing his end game which is very germane as to how people should decide about the man. The name of George Soros, ...

Gender Identity, Warren

Elizabeth Warren’s faux Cherokee, faux victim, faux media narratives

WASHINGTON. With the presidential prospects of former Vice President Joe Biden fading due to his shady Ukrainian business dealings on behalf of son Hunter, Sen. Elizabeth Warren has become the newest darling of the Democrat/Media complex. But can Warren survive with her faux Cherokee, faux victim, overall faux media narrative past? The problem with Warren ...

Progressivism without Woodrow Wilson?

For progressives of all colors, the natural rights of others (freedom of speech) are of little consequence when they hamper the ultimate goal of Wilsonian Darwinism: Survival of the thuggish.